2019 - present

R package for Bayesian Lasso Confirmatory Factor Analysis

I built this ‘blcfa’ package (see the github) with Dr. Pan, and I am responsible for subsequent maintenance.

R package for Sample Size Determination in Structural Equation Modeling

Using Monte Carlo simulation method, this package can explore the least sample size that have sufficient power and accpetable bias of estimates. I built this ‘sampleMplus’ package (see the github) with Rongqian Sun, and I am responsible for subsequent maintenance.

Contributed to the Improvement of ‘MplusAutomation’ Package

see the github

National Innovation Training Project of Sun Yat-sen University

10,000 CNY, State Funded

- I hosted this project to test the influence of social support on career decision-making difculties through Bayesian longitudinal structural equation modeling.
- I participated in experimental design and data collection, and completed all the modeling analysis.
- This project won the Excellent Project (top 30%).

Special Fund Project for Cultivating College Students’ Technological Innovation

15,000 CNY, Funded by Guangdong Province

- Three teammates and I completed this project to explore the positive impact of anger on interpersonal relationships.
- I participated in the experimental design and collected the data of oxytocin experiment.
- I was responsible for the data analysis.

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