06/2021 -

Lab for Big Data Methodology, University of Notre Dame (Homepage)

- Research Assistant, Online Internship (Advisor: Dr. Zhiyong Johnny Zhang).
- Completed a project about text mining and network analysis (submitted).
12/2020 -

The Science of Well-being Research Institute, Guangdong, China

- Remote Data Analyst (for developmental and psychological research; e.g., Zeng et al., 2021 in the Publication page).
08/2020 -

Dr. Xinya Liang's Lab, University of Arkansas

- Research Assistant, Online Internship (Advisor: Dr. Xinya Liang).
- Bayesian regularization in MIMIC models (presented at IMPS 2021; submitted).
- Two projects about regularized SEM in preparation.
11/2019 -

Capital of Statistics(Homepage)

- Member of editorial office.
- It’s a leading Chinese online community on statistics.
09/2017 -

Psychological Statistics and Modeling Lab (Homepage), Sun Yat-sen University

- Research Assistant. (Advisor: Dr. Junhao Pan).
- Maintaining lab website.
- Managed and contributed to many projects that led to several publications (in the SEM Journal, Psychological Methods, etc.), two R packages, and many talks (see the Publications page). These projects can be classified into:
- Program 1: Integrate Bayesian lasso with structural equation modeling.
- Program 2: Method comparison and recommendation in structural equation modeling.
- Program 3: Write review and tutorial papers (in Chinese) and build tools for applied researchers.

Teaching & Reviewing Experience

Ad-hoc reviewer Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal.
2020-2021 Teaching Assistant, Psychological Statistics & Structural Equation Modeling
2019 Leader of teaching group in PsychoR team (Homepage).