My participation

I was responsible for the simulation studies (see the details) in the revision which was appraised as follows:
Reviewer #1:
The authors have done an impressive job with this revision. The main concern I had from the previous round was whether or not the manuscript was clearly communicating that the LASSO was helping. To this end, the authors provided posterior estimates in a new figure, and I think this is helpful. They've also added a number of new simulation studies to really show the effectiveness of the C and E steps. In particular, they were responsive to the request about increasing the heterogeneity of the factor loadings.
Reviewer #2:
In the revised version of the manuscript entitled "A partially confirmatory approach to scale development with the Bayesian Lasso" the authors have satisfactorily answered the reviewers' comments. I also compliment the authors for the simulation studies presented in the manuscript and Appendix. The results substantially clarify concerns related to not only the performance of the proposed method but also how the approach performs under different settings.